[nsp] Suggestions on Versioning Control

Johnson, Michael michael.johnson at digex.com
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On the down side it requires SNMP access to fully manage a device.
In addition, it is not free. Last time I checked CiscoWorks cost approx

Mike j

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> Does anyone have any good suggestions on a system for versioning for
> config files? I don't particularly see anything that cisco can do to 
> make it work, but i think maybe some custom perl scripts + cvs might 
> work pretty well, but I wish I could have it track every change rather 
> than daily changes. Any ideas?

I'm surprised that no one has mentioned CiscoWorks.  It does a pile of 
stuff, most of which we ignore, but it also handles this task very very 
well.  It sucks down configs periodically all on its own, plus it 
listens to your SYSLOGs and pulls configs whenever someone changes them. 
  It's good at watching uptime and general system health.

There are a bunch of other features, like the ability to execute 
configuration commands on a bunch of devices simultaneously (want to 
change your NTP server everywhere...).

They have Unix (Solaris, I think) and Windows versions, and we run it on 
a retarded Windows box which is too small to be marketable to customers.

One of the nice things about it is a blame feature: you can see who made 
what diffs, assuming you hand out usernames, and then see who to blame 
when something breaks.

I strongly recommend it.


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