[nsp] Stupid QoS Tricks

Christopher J. Wolff chris at bblabs.com
Tue Nov 18 16:20:17 EST 2003

Thank you to everyone that contributed something.  Just a few minutes ago I
gleefully skipped over to my router and plugged in the following:

class-map match-any ipprec5
match ip precedence 5

policy-map voice_traffic_w4megabit_data
 class ipprec5
  priority 4000
 class 4megabit
  police 4000000 6000000 12000000 conform-action 
  transmit exceed-action drop

However when I tried to apply this to the interface...

CBWFQ : Not supported on subinterfaces

Fortunately I found 
186a0080114326.shtml and all may be well in the land of oz again.

A single question lingers...Should I use RSVP to propagate this through the
network or am I opening up a can of worms?

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