[nsp] Stupid QoS Tricks

Dmitri Kalintsev dek at hades.uz
Tue Nov 18 17:14:35 EST 2003

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 10:40:47PM -0700, Christopher J. Wolff wrote:
> Can you think of any circumstances where the 3 bits of IP prec would be
> stripped between two endpoints by an intermediate router/switch/bridge?

Some L3-capable switches (3550 for example) will overwrite the precedence if
the receiving port isn't configured to "trust dscp" (default is to distrust
it). This will happen even if the receiving port on 3550 isn't configured
for IP.

> Would using RSVP be an enhancement to this configuration or a replacement? 
> Thank you for the example, this is exactly what I needed I'm way too
> visual sometimes ;)

Try to stay awy from RSVP, it's overcomplication in your case.


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