[nsp] QoS tricks redux

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Thank you for the response.  Based on your conclusion I need to find a
different mechanism for managing inbound and outbound traffic since there is
no way to combine traffic prioritization with inbound and outbound policing
in one service policy.  Since I can't have multiple service policies on one
interface, I'm back to CAR which is awful.

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Inbound "prioritisation" isn't possible, because you are busy receiving bits
from the wire and cannot tell the wire which bits are of interest and which
are not - they (bits) already are in the order that the sending device put
them in. You can only classify or drop on inbound, while you're trying to do
priority queueing and shaping.

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 02:54:32PM -0700, Christopher J. Wolff wrote:
> Either I found a discrepancy between cisco TAC
> 9186a0080114326.shtmland IOS 12.3.1(a)
> or I've misunderstood the explanation.  Please consider the following.
> class-map match-any ipprec5
> match ip precedence 5
> class-map match-any 4megabit
> match access-group 196 (matches all IP)
> policy-map voippriority
>  class ipprec5
>   priority 100
> policy-map voippriority+4mCIR
>  class 4megabit
>   shape average 4000000
>    service-policy voippriority
> interface FastEthernet0/1.100
> --- heres the rub
> According to the web page above I should be able to enter service-policy
> voippriority+4mCIR; however, the router won't take it.  The only command
> that will take is service-policy output voippriority+4mCIR.  Alas, I need
> inbound prioritization as well?
> Any suggestions are, as always, tremendously appreciated.

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