[nsp] 6509 sup question

babylon at egenius.org babylon at egenius.org
Wed Nov 19 03:35:58 EST 2003

Hello All,

	I have a question about 6509's and supervisor engines. Is it possible
to use a Sup2-pfc2-msfc2 in slot 5/6 to replace a sup720? I know that all of
the standard docs say slot 1/2 for a sup1 or sup2, and slot 5/6 for a sup720.
But you can use a standard line card (a 6348 for example) in any slot depending
on which sup you have in. I know the sup720 needs the extra backplane 
connectors in slot 5/6, but obviously the sup2 does not. I ask because
a contract I have bought a sup720 as a spare for a sup2 currently in service,
and the prospect of moving cards and reconfiguring in the advent of a
failure is unappealing. I would prefer to re-arrange the cards now, and
use the sup2 in slot5/6, so I could change easily in the event of a failure.



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