[nsp] QoS questions on the GSR

Jim Brunetti jim.brunetti at usa.net
Thu Nov 20 13:04:58 EST 2003

I have been all over Cisco's web page and I can't find a definitive answer to
my question (first time that happened ;-), so here goes:

On the GSR, is it possible to do CBFWQ on a sub-interface level.

For example, if I have a Gigabit Ethernet card or an OC-x card running Frame
Relay, I want to be able to offer TOS-based queuing plus rate-limiting on a
sub-interface.  I want to be able to limit VLAN sub-interface (or Frame relay
DLCI) 106 to 15 Mbps and do CBWFQ on that 15 Mbps interface.  If someone is
trying to send 20 Mbps down interface 106, I want to drop the least important 
5Mbps of traffic, regardless of whether the entire Gig E or OC-x interface is
experiencing congestion.

Can I do the same thing on a channelized OC-x interface?  If I have a DS-1
channel and try to send 2 Mbps down the 1.5 Mbps pipe, does the GSR have the
horsepower to do CBWFQ all the way down to the DS-1 level?

jim.brunetti at usa.net

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