[nsp] Cat 2950/12.1(19)EA1: Crash with the reason TLB (store) exception

Łukasz Bromirski lbromirski at mr0vka.eu.org
Fri Nov 21 11:12:16 EST 2003

Matti Saarinen wrote:

>>What are You doing on them? 
> I wish I knew... The interesting thing is that all the switches
> having this problem are located in one building and in one wing
> in which a new set of UPSes have just been installed. Perhaps
> this isn't a software problem at all.

Then check it out first. I've had 3640A router doing resets every
few hours with memory errors. After few weeks client managed to
target power cable as a source of a problem.

>>I have few 2950T-24 (double 10/100/1000) with EI software suite and
>>some 2950SX-24 with SI only, and they're doing fine on 12.1(19)EA1.
>      I have only 2950G-48 and all of them with EI software.
>>Also, is it crypto image?
>      Yes, it's crypto image and I've enabled SSH2.

I haven't heard of any such issues on this particular hardware.
Check the power, and then, maybe start gathering some more
detailed logs?

Łukasz Bromirski                             lbromirski:mr0vka,eu,org

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