[nsp] Re: Per VLAN Stats on MSFC2 - Complaints from the Field

Terry Baranski tbaranski at mail.com
Tue Nov 25 23:41:49 EST 2003

Ian Cox wrote:

> Unsupported MIB objects for Supervisor 2:
> These are unsupported because of the sharing of the L2+L3 
> multicast counters.
> IF-MIB object
>          ifOutOctets
>          ifOutNUcastPkts
>          cseL3VlanInPkts
>          cseL3VlanInOctets

Thanks for responding to this issue -- I appreciate the information, as
I'm sure everyone else does.

Maybe it's just me because no one else has asked, but I'm unable to
piece together the connection between shared L2/L3 multicast counters
and SVI counters; i.e., why does sharing L2/L3 multicast counters
prevent SVI counters from functioning?  Am I missing something obvious?


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