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joshua sahala joshua.ej.smith at usa.net
Wed Nov 26 11:06:57 EST 2003

"Vandy Hamidi" <vandy.hamidi at markettools.com> wrote:

> What are good places to find MRTG templates for Cisco (or other) gear.  If
anyone has any good ones or OID's they find useful, please send them my way
(or to the list),
> thanks,
> 	-=Vandy=-

i know it isn't what you are asking, but i would suggest you look at
cricket (cricket.sourceforge.net) and genRtrConfig 
(http://www.acktomic.com/cricket/cricket-genRtrConfig.htm) - genRtrConfig
can generate your cricket targets files very quickly, and includes all
the handy mibs.  it works on cisco, juniper, foundry, packeteer, and 
anything else that supports MIB-II.

cricket offers some performance and graphing improvements over mrtg.
there is a bit of a learning curve the first time you set it up, but
the users list is very helpful, and most questions have been answered in
the archives.


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