[nsp] Time source is user configuration?

Sergio Ramos sramos at gibnet.net
Thu Nov 27 05:33:10 EST 2003


I have a Cisco 1710 running a 3DES feature set with a hardware VPN module,
it is supposed not to have a hardware calendar and no NTP server is

The router was shipped with 122(4)YA2. With this version when the router is
reloaded the time and date are reset to 00:00:00 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993.

1710#show clock detail
00:00:00 UTC Mon Mar 1 1993.
No time source.

However when running 12.2(15)T the router seems to have some time source.

1710#show clock detail
09:11:08.387 UTC Tue Nov 26 2003
Time source is user configuration 

If I set the time with the 'clock set' command and make a configuration
change, after a reload the time seems to be taken from the startup

1710#sh startup-config
Using 1724 out of 29688 bytes

! Last configuration change at 15:34:39 UTC Wed Nov 26 2003
! NVRAM config last updated at 15:34:49 UTC Wed Nov 26 2003

1710#show clock detail
15:36:54.387 UTC Tue Nov 26 2003
Time source is user configuration 

But when I reload the router a day later without making any configuration
changes the time shown is:

1710#show running-config
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 1627 bytes
! No configuration change since last restart

1710#show clock detail
03:50:18.927 UTC Thu Nov 27 2003
Time source is user configuration   

With both versions "show calendar" is not understood, so I assume the router
does not include a hardware calendar.

I am unable to find information about this feature in Cisco website. 

Any ideas on how it works? 

Please do not reply suggesting that I configure NTP, that is not what I want
to know.



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