[nsp] EtherChannel

Robert A. Hayden rhayden at geek.net
Thu Nov 27 13:28:45 EST 2003

You could just "load balance" using two equal-costs routes to the next 
hop.  I've never been a big fan of trying to get a 7500 to try to do 
anything complicated.  It seems all it takes is a real harsh sneeze to get 
them to keel over.

Sometimes it doesn't need to be that harsh.

On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, Olav Langeland wrote:

> It will soon be necessary to upgrade our border routers to more than 100Mbit on the inside interfaces, gigabit fiber is one option but EtherChannel seems to a "cheap middle way" in terms of budget. To begin with it will only be necessary to channel 2 FE ports and the hardware is 7513 routers and (probably) Cat3524 switches.
> I understand that EtherChannel is not "real" bundling, but that you atleast achieve load balancing and redundancy in the link. Does anyone have experience with it in similar setup? 
> regards
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