[nsp] Re: Redistributing static subnets via separate OSPF process

Rainer Clasen bj at zuto.de
Sun Oct 5 16:55:33 EDT 2003

Robert A. Hayden wrote:
> I am trying to redistribute one OSPF process (#15) into another one
> (#10). In theory, process 15 only announces a couple routes via
> redistributing static routes.  Process 10 is announced to our backbone. By
> putting statics on a separate process, I can use an outbound distribute
> lists and the like to handle things without affecting the main process.
> The relevant configuration is below. 
> Why wouldn't this work?  I can use the same basic OSPF setup with separate
> OSPF processes for non-static routes, but it breaks for static ones.

routes dragged in by redistribution are not redistributed into another
protocol. I guess it's to avoid loops.

IIRC I found this somewhere on www.cisco.com, but I can't remember


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