[nsp] VLAN configuration question

Matt Bazan Mbazan at onelegal.com
Tue Oct 7 22:08:13 EDT 2003


	I need some assistance with a thorny networking scheme I'm
trying to implement.  Here's what I'd like to do:  I have two Cisco 3640
routers separated by a T1.  I want to set up a split-subnet VLAN on the
ethernet side of these routers.  See diagram.  The problem I'm having is
that the switch on the 3640(2) side of the connection is an unmanaged
D-Link with no VLAN capability.  Can I somehow perform this feat with my
setup? Would it be possible to have the 3640(2) router encapsulate data
(based upon MAC?) for the machines and send across the
T1 link?  Ideas?  Thanks!

		          s1/1		       s1/1
		  | fe0/0		           | fe0/0
		  |				           |
		  |				           |
	     Catalyst 3750			        D-Link
		  |				           |
		  |			 	           |

            (VLAN on cat 3750)

Note also:  the catalyst 3750 is sitting on physical subnet

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