[nsp] Nachi WORM & ICMP floods of ICMP packets ..

Voll, Scott Scott.Voll at wesd.org
Thu Sep 4 08:55:06 EDT 2003

It got so bad on our network that 85% of traffic was ICMP.  We have set
up ACLs to deny ICMP until our customers can clean up there networks.


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Hello All,

What is everyone out there doing for the affects of the Nachi WORM?? ..
have many many clients that are infected as well as of course getting
from the world with these floods of ICMP pings .. Attempting to drop
packets via a policy route map kills the CPU on the router (7206VXF
with full Memory) and of course using a ACL to drip ICMP kills our
to PING as well as our many clients who have IT staff OFFNET to look
there networks via PING .. It also kills our internal monitors of our
clients .. Anyone have any ideas? .. We can't be the only folks getting


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