[nsp] More doubts about cat6509 from catos to IOS

Marcelo H. Bartsch mbartsch at unix911.ath.cx
Tue Sep 16 14:28:21 EDT 2003

Hi had readed the memory requirements for the Integrated IOS for the
catalays, now my question is, both MSFC2 and Sup1 must had the required
memoery? because one has 128Mb ram and the other has 64Mb ram and the
IOS requires 128mb ram, also to upgrade the catos version i need more
ram on the Sup1, so, it worth to buy more dram to the sup1 or if u
switch to IOS mode i just need the ram at the MSFC2 ?


Marcelo H. Bartsch <mbartsch at unix911.ath.cx>

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