[nsp] PA-MC-T3 card disabled

Turpin Mark Contr AFCA/GCF Mark.Turpin at scott.af.mil
Tue Sep 16 13:10:44 EDT 2003

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>did that already.  it got assigned a really low priority, so i was 
>wondering if anyone had run across this before.  is there no way to 
>access the results of the POST or something like that when the system boots?


Not that I know of.  Beyond the show diag / show contr - there is not a
whole lot more I know of to do.  However, if the PA is being powered off,
I would imagine that diag/contr commands are going to prove useless.

It does not look like a revision level problem.  Those are usually pretty
straight-forward.  Bandwidth points usually do a fair job of making
themselves apparent as well.

To my eye, it appears to be nothing more than a bad PA.  You could always
raise bloody hell with TAC and try to get your RMA pushed thru faster ;)


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