[nsp] AS5350 ISDN configuration

Oliver Boehmer (oboehmer) oboehmer at cisco.com
Mon Sep 29 10:27:06 EDT 2003


can you please post your configuration or reference a TAC case ID where
I could look it up?


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> Hello all
>  We have some serious problem with AS5350 IOS. We currently have IOS
> 12.1-5XM8 with our AS5350 which has a lot of problems. Upgrading to
> various IOS that are recommended by CISCO and from CiscoTAC IOS seems
> stable but ISDN connections cannot occur. They fail at ppp level .
> Debugging dialer  i get the following:
> Sep 29 13:48:00 eet: Se3/2:27 DDR: Remote name for kouzalig
> Sep 29 13:48:00 eet: Se3/2:27 DDR: Authenticated host kouzalig no
> matching dialer map
> Sep 29 13:48:00 eet: Se3/2:27 DDR: disconnecting call
> Iam not using dialer maps.,.
> With the old IOS 12.1-5XM8 ISDN as well as PSTN are OK. I am using
> exactly the same config. downgrading to 12.1-5XM8  everything back to
> normal. I don't know what is happening.
> Can anyone suggest a working config to see whether i am missing
> somethin with new IOS? I curently have 12-2XB11 but ISDn calls can
> not get establish. I also upgrated to IOS 12-3 with the same results.
> Again ISDN calls can not be established
> You people are my only hope to solve it out..
> Thanks for your help
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