[c-nsp] Cisco 2950 LRE switches

Timothy.Hall at alltel.com Timothy.Hall at alltel.com
Tue Aug 10 12:04:22 EDT 2004

LRE solutions are typically some VDSL variant. I have never seen any Cisco documentation showing that LRE is T1.417 compliant (Spectrum Management for Loop Transmission Systems). If it is not, I doubt any LEC would put that technology in their copper infrastructure. LRE platforms are typically installed inside buildings that do not have Cat-5 cabling available. The reach is only about 4-5Kft, so installing in a CO won't buy you much anyway. 


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  Does anyone have any experience with the Cisco LRE product line?   Do 
you know if these can be used in a Verizon CO and combined with UNE DSL 
conditioned loops to provide LRE over the PSTN?  I'm looking at buying 
a couple to extend our metro ethernet inside some buildings. It would 
be great if I could use one in the CO to flip my DSL customers onto.  I 
can't find anything on the Cisco website that says it will work in a 
Telco environment.



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