[nsp] VLAN Traffic shaping not working on 6500

Sam Stickland sam_ml at spacething.org
Tue Feb 3 14:00:26 EST 2004


Perhaps I'm missing something obvious here, but I can't seem to get outbound
traffic shaping working.

Selective config:

mls flow ip destination
mls flow ipx destination
mls qos statistics-export
mls qos

ip access-list extended xxxx_IO
    permit ip any a.b.c.d
    permit ip a.b.c.d any

class-map match-any xxxx
  match access-group name xxxx_IO

policy-map INBOUND_PM
  class xxxx
     police 520000 8000 8000 conform-action transmit exceed-action drop

policy-map OUTBOUND_PM
  class xxxx
    shape average 520000 2080 2080

interface Vlan803
 service-policy input MFN_xxxx_PM
 service-policy output MFN_xxxx_PM

But it's definately not shaping outbound traffic.

The access-list increment very very slowly. Far slow than an equivalent ACL
on the interface shows.

Here's the result of 'sh policy-map interface vlan 803 output':

sh policy-map interface vlan 803 output


  service-policy output: MFN_OUTBOUND_PM

    class-map: INFINITY_HOSTING (match-any)
      0 packets, 0 bytes
      5 minute offered rate 0 bps, drop rate 0 bps
      match: access-group name INFINITY_HOSTING_IO
        0 packets, 0 bytes
        5 minute rate 0 bps
      queue size 0, queue limit 130
      packets output 0, packet drops 0
      tail/random drops 0, no buffer drops 0, other drops 0
      shape: cir 520000,  Bc 2080,  Be 2080
        output bytes 0, shape rate 0 bps

ie. Nothing.

This attempting to shape about 8mbps of about traffic. I can verify this by
adding a deny ip a.b.c.d any' entry to the interfaces outbound ACL,
and seeing the traffic drop off.

This on a C6500/Sup2 running 12.1(20)E.

Any thoughts?


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