[nsp] Per-packet load sharing on Eng2 LC???

Raymond, Steven steven_raymond at eli.net
Wed Feb 4 20:18:35 EST 2004

Am glad to report that, at least initially, using the command "hw-module
slot x ip load-sharing per-packet" per the URL below seems to have done the
trick.  Funny thing though is that the eng 2 ingress linecards are OC48
SRP/DPT, and come in pairs, occupying two slots.  I had to enable the
command on both slots.  The reason this seems strange (to me at least) is
that the interface shows up as only one slot srp3/0, for example.  It kinda
pretends there is only one slot everywhere else.
Thanks for the help- it is appreciated.  

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According to the feature info for 12.0(21)S at:


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