[nsp] Using router or switch to detect "other" switches.

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Enabling port security, allowing only 1 mac at a time per port will put a quick end to the Netgears.  Also, I think there is something called 'bpdu-guard' that will let a port function in either port fast mode or with spanning tree totally off.  But if it receives a BPDU on that port, it shuts it down immediately.  Other than that, you could span the VLAN and look for non-Cisco BPDUs, based on the MAC OUI.

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> Is it possible to do rogue detection of switches that are not cisco
> similar to how you can use the Cisco Aeronets to detect rogue Access
> Points?
> We are in a fight to find and replace those pesky little Netgear
> switches that so many people are using to get around pulling a wire or
> even using a cisco 2940.
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