[nsp] IP DHCP issues with 12.2(5) & static host

Bruce Pinsky bep at whack.org
Mon Feb 9 14:58:45 EST 2004

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Thomas Kernen wrote:

| I'm trying to setup in 12.2(5) 2 IP DHCP pools, one a workstation based
| on the MAC address, the other for all other devices requesting an IP
| address. The syntax looks okay and they appear to work individually but
| not when both are configured together in the router.
| I know this is a very basic config but I just can't figure out why on
| earth the laptop always gets an IP from the dynamic pool even when
| defined correctly in the config. Did I miss something?
| Bindings from all pools not associated with VRF:
| IP address          Client-ID/              Lease expiration        Type
|                     Hardware address/
|                     User name
|      0100.0874.e675.67       Infinite
| Manual
|      0100.0874.e675.67       Infinite
| Automatic
| ip dhcp excluded-address
| !
| ip dhcp pool laptop
|    host
|    hardware-address 0100.0874.e675.67
|    default-router
|    lease infinite
| !
| ip dhcp pool workstations
|    network
|    default-router
|    lease infinite

Why are you including .11 in the excluded range?  It should be assigned by
DHCP, but through a manual binding rather than a dynamic binding.  Since
.11 is excluded, it won't be assigned to the station requesting it.

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