[nsp] BGP Q

Beprojects.com info at beprojects.com
Mon Feb 9 15:56:06 EST 2004

Here's a dumb BGP question to which I cannot fnd an answer.

Let's say you connect to two upstream ISP's, Sprint (for example) and ABC
Corp.  Obviously, because of the difference in size, almost all of the
traffic will enter and exit Sprint.  For incoming traffic, you can pre-pend
your AS to advertisements out the Sprint link so that the path in via ABC
and Sprint are roughly equal.  This does a pretty good job of evening up
traffic.  The question is "can this be done on BGP advertisements that I
receive?"  I want to pre-pend an AS to the advertisements I receive from
Sprint so that they look longer than they really are in hopes that some
traffic will go out ABC's link.  Or is there another way to do this?  I
don't want to use weight or preference as I don't want to force all traffic
out ABC, just some.

And I don't want to discuss the merit's of buying from a big ISP and a small
ISP, etc.  I just have a question of whether it is possible.  Thanks.


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