[nsp] cns configuration agent

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Mon Feb 9 18:42:14 EST 2004

Does anyone know much about (i.e., the protocol) the CNS/etc protocol(s) 
that cisco have loaded up on the c3550/c7600 platforms (and possibly 
others?) in recent releases...


c7609(config)#cns ?
  config  Configuration Agent
  event   Event Agent
  id      Get CNS ID for CNS agents

It's supported by one of ciscos various Linux box+tomcat apache boxes, 
and I'm wondering what people want to do if they want to roll their own 

I'm basically wondering if anyone has delved into this without the cisco 
product and knows more about the request/response format and so on.  I'd 
like to be able to have my boxes pull their config down over HTTPS at a 
NTP synchronised time (we're modifying the MISTP region configuration 
and we want to minimise the period of time that boundary ports occur in 
the region). 

I haven't found anything much luminating on CCO yet other than how to 
configure the said vendor provided box.


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