Stephen J. Wilcox steve at telecomplete.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 13:30:00 EST 2004

> It is standard practice, and also best practice for any connected
> interface for this matter. You can always add a "passive-interface"
> statement if you don't want any neighbor relationships established over
> the interface.  

Oliver, just as an aside.. whats the benefit of having these in the OSPF rather 
than redistributed.. I guess my concern is for example on each PoP I assign /30 
customer connections out of /24 blocks so I could easily add the /24 as on ospf 
network, however it means I must remember to set each interface passive 
explicitly and I'm worried I'll forget and I dont want my customers to get my 
ospf traffic...


> > Previously I used to do redistribute connected to
> > inject the loopback IP address into OSPF. How is this
> > different from manually specifying the loopback IP
> > address as a member of the area?
> As Andrew already mentioned: this prevents external LSAs from being
> generated. So depending on your topology this might or might not make a
> difference. 
> 	oli
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