[nsp] SUP1-MSFC performance?

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>> Running BGP and L3 forwarding on a 6500 w/ SUP1-MSFC or SUP1A-MSFC what
>> kind of realistic performance limitations are there? I am not talking
>> about anything high touch like 10,000 line ACLs. Just how many routes it
>> can realistically hold and how many pps or bits/s it can forward without
>> dying.
>As Sup1A already used TCAM for ACLs, it doesn't matter what is the size of
>it provided it fits on TCAM (16K entries).

It does matter if it is an output ACL - deny traffic in output ACL is always dropped in software on sup1A.

How many routes it can hold comes down to memory on the MSFC, there is no hardware component here as on sup2/720. But MSFC is simply not going to scale to large routing table sizes as well as MSFC2 (pref. on sup2) or MSFC3. Still, thousands of routes should be doable.

>> I am looking at an app that needs 3-4Gb/s and would rather not have to
>> put SUP2-MSFC2's in.
>That would depend on wether this traffic goes to a single IP address (or a
>low number of them), or the Internet. If you configure it to use
>destination-IP flows (might be default) and traffic goes to a single or a
>low number of target IPs, you could get the 15 Mpps maximum. Otherwise your
>performance will look more like a Cisco 7200 with NPE-225, i.e, 225 kpps.

Dest-IP is the default flow mask. Regardless of flow mask, you get 15Mpps (@64b) if we are able to install the flow in the NF table.

The NF table is 128K max entries, 32K average, based on the efficiency of the hash. YMMV. Hash collisions result in software CEF switching.



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