[nsp] NxT1 MLPPP

Raymond, Steven steven_raymond at eli.net
Wed Feb 11 15:10:06 EST 2004

Here is a quick bit of information I received from Cisco SE late 2002
pertaining to the 2620 (believe this is not XM performance info, which may
be better):

"You can either load balance via MLPPP or via per-packet CEF.  CPU usage
is a little lower with CEF, but not much.

4xT-1 on a 2620 at 64byte packets (worse case packet size) will get you
right at 6Mbps at 99% util.  With additional features such as routing
protocols and ACLS, performance decreases.  

As you go up to the 2650 and 2690 series, the CPU gets faster, so your
performance is much better.

So, I suggest that if you want to guarantee the customer gets 6Mbps, go
with atleast the 2650.  This way you have a little room for routing
protocol and ACL processing.

Anymore feature requirements or T-1 density, you will have to jump to a
3700 series router."

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Does anybody have any performance numbers on NxT1 connectivity using MLPPP
on Cisco routers?  I am specifically looking for throughput on platforms
like the 2600 and 3700 (any flavors is fine).  How many T1's can you bundle
and how much throughput can it handle doing IP only with virtually no other
features turned on (cpu usage would be good as well).  Real world and/or lab
tests are both fine.   Thanks.


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