[nsp] as5350 and off-ramp

ewc at axelero.hu ewc at axelero.hu
Thu Feb 12 05:15:21 EST 2004


we run into a problem with off-ramp fax sending on as5350.
IOS: 12.2(15)T9
In logs:
Feb 11 02:30:13: %CALL_CONTROL-6-MAX_CONNECTIONS: Maximum number of
connections reached for dial-peer 77667702
Feb 11 02:37:06: //243720/ccDumpCallTrace:
Feb 11 02:37:06: //-1/ccDumpCallTrace: 
Feb 11 02:37:06: //-1/ccDumpCallTrace: CallID not Found 
Feb 11 02:37:18: %CALL_CONTROL-6-MAX_CONNECTIONS: Maximum number of
connections reached for dial-peer 77667702

We used 50 channels on that gateway for off-ramp fax seniding. It
works well for some time. But after that (we wasn't able to recognize
when) we can only use only 30 channels. Tryes above 30 channels
(remaining 20) are dropped immediately. In RADIUS logs I see:
Cisco says, that we reached the maximum number of connections on that
dial-peers while we have configured 60 channels and there were not
used 60 neither 40-50.
It seems to be a bug in IOS with freeing dial-peer counters or such (I'm lay in the
Cisco gateway internal backgrounds).

Can anybody say if it is a known bug (maybe a bug ID?) - I didn't find
it on the web - or if there is a workaround, new IOS for this?

Unfortunately I have only very limited access to that gateway (more
precisely don't have access but can ask someone who have access) - so
debugging is not easy.

Does anybody have an advice?

Thanks in advance,

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