[nsp] NPE-G1 in "old" VXR-chassis

Martin Robinson Martin at networkhardware.com
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Hello Ernst,

We actually did this yesterday for a customer, we had no issues with the revision or age of the VXR, everything booted up fine, with did have a small issue with the boot flash, but an image upgrade got rid of this, and this was independant of the chassis revision anyway.

Hope this helps Martin.R.

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has anyone ever exchanged an NPE 225/300/400 for a new NPE-G1 in an
"old" VXR chassis and/or has encountered any issues with that ? Or in
other words: Will an NPE-G1 work in first generation VXR chassis ?

>From the docs I am inclined to guess "no problem", but I rather
interested in first hand experience.

Any input welcome


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