[nsp] how to force specific subnet out specific interface

Chris Hale chris at peaknetworks.com
Mon Feb 16 12:32:24 EST 2004

All -

I need to force a specific subnet out a specific interface.  All other 
traffic I want to balance using BGP between two transit providers.

My issue is that ISP#1 is forcing me to register with a routing registry 
before they'll let me announce any of my IP space from ISP#2.  I have a 
customer of ours who needs to get up and running and we were provided 
new IP space from ISP#2.  Until I get my routing registries done, I want 
to use the new IP space and use the transit of ISP#2 for this new customer.

Is this accomplished through some policy routing?  I'm using a PA-FE-TX 
on a 7206, 12.2(15)T10.  Any reference URLs would be great.


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