[nsp] network statements in two eBGP peers

Brian Wallingford brian at meganet.net
Wed Feb 18 23:42:28 EST 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Brian Wallingford wrote:

::if you do not consider inconsistant-as a technical problem - your
::prefixes will appear to be originated by different asn's...typically not
::a good thing
:Agreed.  However (a liability of my snipping), Isaac mentioned his
:intention of merging into a single AS, presumably inferring a temporary
Doh!                                               implying

:workaround.  As an interim solution, though not a "good thing", it works
:fine when judiciously tuned.
:Not all *that* long ago, use of inconsistent AS was a very
:effective/creative method for smaller entities that did not qualify for
:thier own CIDR space to multihome using upstream space. ;)

It kills me to reply to my own post, but I caught myself on one of my own
pet peeves... :)

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