[nsp] IGX over AToM

Temkin, David temkin at sig.com
Tue Feb 24 08:48:09 EST 2004

Forgot to add - the trunks are brought up as virtual trunks on the UXM
(ie, for the trunk below you would uptrk 16.1.4)

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We are doing it.  You have to use 12.0.26S or 12.0.27S.  We're going
from a DS3 port on a UXM to a NM-1A-T3 at each of our sites.  Works very

Config is very simple:

interface ATM2/0/0
 no ip address
 no ip directed-broadcast
 atm framing cbitplcp
 atm mcpt-timers 800 1600 3200 
 atm pvp 4 l2transport
  cell-packing 28 mcpt-timer 1
  xconnect 4 pw-class NAN

pseudowire-class NAN
 encapsulation mpls

That's it! ( providing the rest of the MPLS network is in place )

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I wonder is anyone here has experience with the following...
My company wants to "carry" a cisco IGX (ATM) network over an MPLS
network using AToM. Has anyone seen this done before? Any advice

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