[nsp] Voice on CISCO 2620 with NM-1CE1B

Dave O'Shea daveoshea at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 25 10:46:37 EST 2004

IIRC, that card provides a traditional TDM port for a
voice PRI circuit to connect to. It can be used to
originate or terminate VoIP calls.

As an example, if you had a voice trunk connected to
your office PBX and that card, you could divert calls
to another remote office across the IP cloud, where
another router would convert the calls back from IP to
TDM, and hand them off to the PBX for delivery.

You'll still need some sort of gatekeeper server to
route calls, make sure they're authorized, and use the
right codec (for voice vs. fax calls for example)

--- Fast Track Technologies <fast_track at vsnl.com>
> Hi All,
> How is Voice implemented with a NM-1CE1B in a CISCO
> 2620 Router? The Customer has an external Channel
> Bank which he will connect to the NM-1CE1B?
> Thanks
> Sunil
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