[nsp] PPTP VPN on DMZ interface

Tony Mucker Tony at tonymucker.com
Fri Jul 2 14:51:55 EDT 2004

Hello once again,

My PIX 520 has three interaces, outside, inside, DMZ.  My routable class 
C is split down the middle, one half is outside, the other half is the 
DMZ net (/25).  I'm trying to get the PIX to accept PPTP connections 
(vpdn) on it's DMZ interface.  I've got it working fine and dandy on the 
outside interface, but it won't connect on the DMZ interface.   I've run 
the debug commands and tried logging in, but it appears the the PPTP 
client isn't even making a connection.

Later, I'd like to add support for the Cisco VPN client (vpngroup), but 
also on the DMZ interface.

Anyone try something like this before?

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