[nsp] load balancing/DFP?

Kuhtz, Christian christian.kuhtz at BELLSOUTH.COM
Mon Jul 12 16:55:57 EDT 2004

If memory serves, DFP is what WCCP morphed into.  It's still supported in current code.  It used to be that you had to license the use? or spec of WCCP from Cisco if you wanted to implement it with a Cisco box.  A couple of the transparent caching folks did just that.  Couple of people also claimed to have reverse engineered it.  It's been a few years that I've had my hands in it.
Now, I don't understand exactly what it is you're trying to do.  What do you mean by "let you ask a load balanced server"?

What are you wanting to do?  Implement SLB and check whether a server is alive, and if not remove from rotation?  Are you trying to SLB by transaction latency? ... something totally different?  Please describe in more detail ;)..
PS: Deutsch ist auch Ok offline, obwohl es vielleicht etwas holprig ist. ;)

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	I am interested in load balancing. I examined certain vendors
	and it's hard to find the feature I need to meet my needs: snmp
	queries of the balanced system to change weight on the load
	Cisco has the DFP protocol to support dynamic load balancing via
	an agent system. Unfortunately I did not find very much 3rd party
	information about this protocol and there are no (at least I did
	not find any) generic agents to support this for $operating
	Does anyone have deeper knowledge about this protocol?
	Is it 'current' or is it 'doomed'?
	Which NLB vendors do you know who use a generic snmp daemon
	to let you ask a load balanced server. I just know that
	Nortel Alteon can accomplish this task.
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