[c-nsp] [nsp] Strange multilink ppp issue with T1s

Bill Wichers billw at waveform.net
Thu Jul 29 13:56:18 EDT 2004

I'm assuming you are referring to my post from some time back.
Unfortunatly, no, I have not found any solutions to the problem and I've
tried just about everything I can find info on. This seems to be a big
stumper -- I didn't even get any responses here :-(

Our ultimate solution was to cheat and order a DS3 with has the added
advantage of being faster too... Since there is already fiber in the
building, and the other end is our facility in a CO, this was a reasonable
(although more expensive) option for us. I would still like info on the
MPP issue since we do have some POPs still fed this way, but for whatever
reason the problem doesn't seem to have as much effect on 2 T1 bundles as
bundles with 3 or more.


> Did you every find a solution to this problem?  I have a problem that is
> very very similar.  Thanks in advance.
> John
Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator

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