[nsp] High-availabity GigE connection to two switches

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Depending on the NICs and the OS, you may be able to do a fail-over
teaming setup.  I know 3Com, Intel, and Compaq/HP support this.  There
are variations in design, but they work similar to HSRP, where one is
active and the others lay and wait for missing keepalives from the
active NIC.  Once it appears to be down, a standby NIC takes over and
assumes the old NIC's MAC address, so that no ARP re-learning has to

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Any suggestions on how to provide high-availability to a server that has
two network cards, each one connected to a different switch ?
Etherchannel doesn't seem to apply here, unfortunately. 
(Switch is either a Cat4K or a Cat6k)


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