[nsp] MPLS VPN - vrf export map and route-target export

Clinton Work clinton at scripty.com
Tue Jun 1 15:19:03 EDT 2004

I'm trying to find some clarification on the interaction of "export map" and
"route-target export". The following VRF config works, but I've seen
occational reports of problems. Under normal circumstances the
CPE loopback is assigned two RTs (40000:1 and 40000:4). The RT
40000:1 is added by "route-target export 40000:1" and RT 40000:44
is added with "export map cpe-loopbacks". When I've seen problems
the CPE loopback only has RT 40000:1. The easy solution is to just
use the "export map", but it requires a more complicated export route-map
per VRF.

a) Is it valid to combine both "export map" with additive communities
    and "route-target export"?
b) Has anyone encoutered software defects when combining them?

VRF configuration:

ip vrf custa
 rd 40000:1
 export map cpe-loopbacks
 route-target export 40000:1
 route-target import 40000:1
 route-target import 40000:4

route-map cpe-loopbacks permit 10
 match ip address cpe-loopbacks
 set extcommunity rt  40000:44 additive
route-map cpe-loopbacks permit 20

Clinton Work                                        clinton at scripty.com
Calgary, Alberta

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