[nsp] Three subinterfaces using OC3 PoS on 7206 with rate-limiting???

Tom War tomwar69 at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 2 07:18:52 EDT 2004

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set up three
logical subinterfaces on an OC3 PoS port on 7206, each
with different rate limiting parameters? I have
scoured the net and can find no specific information
on this. 

The idea is to carry our three current (separate)
connections to a remote facility over our new private
dark fiber ring using one interface. It is important
that these remain separate logical interfaces for
policy routing and per-subinterface ingress and egress
rate limiting. Our current connections are:

Local ISP - 128k - E1
Domestic exchange - 2Mbit - DSL
VSAT backup - 2Mbit - E1

The only references I've found to subinterfaces on PoS
are for frame-relay and 802.1q trunks. Could either of
those be a solution or workaround? I wonder if the
same thing could be accomplished with different
(cheaper) technology. Is a ring topology possible with
GigE or even fiber Fast Ethernet interfaces, using



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