[nsp] Recommended 12.0S IOS for 7xxx platforms

Russell Heilling russell at ccie.org.uk
Thu Jun 3 04:46:55 EDT 2004

Hi All,

We're currently looking at rolling out a software release on our edge 
boxes with low latency queue support, which was added in 12.0.26S.

We've tried 12.0.28S and 12.0.26S2 in our lab, and they both seem to be
leaking memory on our 7500 and 7200VXR boxes (TAC cases open).

Does anyone have any good experiences with post 12.0.26S releases?

Is 12.0.27S2 (released a couple of days ago) worth a look?



Russell Heilling
PGP: finger russellh at bela.homeunix.net

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