[nsp] How many DHCP pools on a Cisco router

Lupi, Guy Guy.Lupi at eurekanetworks.net
Fri Jun 18 07:38:24 EDT 2004

I have a customer that has a requirement from a previous provider network
design for 65 DHCP pools that service 65 FastEthernet sub-interfaces on a
Cisco 3640, it works with no real issues.  I am not sure what the
theoretical limit for DHCP pools is.

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Hello list,
I need to assign IP addresses via DHCP, with N pools per router (N separate
Does anybody have an idea of the max number of DHCP pools that can (both
theoretically and reasonably) configured on a 7206 VXR?
A more obviously scalable solution would of course be the use of ip-helper
and a DHCP server - software suggestions in that direction would be welcome

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