[c-nsp] Non-Cisco memory.

Paul Stewart pauls at nexicom.net
Wed Nov 3 11:55:07 EST 2004

Use nothing but third party memory in our gear... Never had a problem
with memory.

Unofficially Cisco told me that if they send a tech onsite and/or if
they find out there's third party memory it will not void the coverage,
just that if they feel it's memory related it won't get fixed by them...

We've never had onsite coverage where it's been memory related.. But I
can tell you that on the last hardware issue, the unit they sent us
(3662 mainboard) had third party memory on it FROM CISCO.. I kind of
found this funny at the time.. Cisco mainboard with Kingston memory


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I have grown weary of the prices Cisco are charging for Memory.

Can someone clarify what the situation is with using non-cisco memory 
on cisco boxes ? Does it void your warranty ? Is there a set list of
alernative vendors one has to buy off ? Indeed has anyone ever
experienced a problem with support due to having non-cisco RAM in a 
router/switch ?



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