[c-nsp] RE: Unknown reason for High CPU 3620

Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
Fri Nov 5 13:01:08 EST 2004


On Fri, Nov 05, 2004 at 02:43:42PM -0000, Alex Foster wrote:
> Bridging is handled at interrupt level and is then process-switched

Dunno, but that's kind of contradicting itself.  Process switching
is what happens if you *cannot* forward the packet in the interrupt

> Routing (without CEF) is handled at process level and is then
> fast-switched

"fast-switched" is what happens if you have no CEF, and are *not* 
process switching - it's a route cache that enables the IRQ routine
to directly forward the packet.  Being a route *cache*, it has some 

> Routing (with CEF) is handled at interrupt level and is then
> fast-switched

If you do CEF, you do CEF, not "fast switching", which is a non-CEF
switching strategy.

> These may be generically incorrect - I understand some types of traffic
> are always handled at process-level ie: telnet, ping, protocol updates
> etc;

Packets being *sourced* by the router are done on process level (of


PS: people, please try to trim the postings before you reply to them - I
can't see any intrinsic value in receiving a 20-line article that
carries a full 650-line quote of all the thread before it in the footer,
especially if the article is only marginally connected to the thread.

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