[c-nsp] as-path access lists

James haesu at towardex.com
Tue Nov 16 00:50:43 EST 2004

On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 07:29:52PM -0000, Alex Foster wrote:
> Do as-path access lists filter routes as they are received or after they
> are in memory - I have a 3550 that cant handle the full list of customer
> routes my provider is sending (+15000) - so Im wondering if I can use
> as-path access lists to restrict the amount of routes I receive (but
> still maintain a usable route table).

BGP route filters (as-path filtering, prefix filtering, route-map, etc) are
done as the UPDATE messages come in. So they are done before the entries are
held in memory -- unless of course you have soft-reconfiguration enabled.


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