[c-nsp] Best way to get off Bogon list?

Jon Lewis jlewis at lewis.org
Mon Nov 22 12:26:02 EST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Hudson Delbert J Contr 61 CS/SCBN wrote:

> inform your upstreams that your addy space is no longer part
> of the bogon space and request that the same be requested of
> the upstream providers. if you have any subs then do the same.
> nothing besides the upstreams allowance will solve the problem

That's so not the solution.  The problem isn't Majid's upstreams.  It's
the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of networks (some of which are service
providers, some are simply end users) that have staticly configured bogon
filters nobody's updated for years, or in some cases nobody still employed
even knows about them.  As I mentioned in the web pages at
69box.atlantic.net, getting these filters fixed required contacting each
network, and in some cases being pushed around from contact to contact
looking for the one who actually knew how to make changes to the filters.
After dealing with the largest / highest profile ones (things like NASA
and .mil nets and a few /16 networks) I gave up and decided reachability
from 69/8 was good enough to put customers and servers in it.

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