[c-nsp] Re: T1 circuits over OC3

Jay Ford jay-ford at uiowa.edu
Fri Oct 1 00:16:43 EDT 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Andy Dills wrote:
> If only you could hand the telco equipment and say, "Use this." :)

This gear goes on the outside edge facing the user of the T1, basically
delivering a T1 through an ATM cloud.  All the telco has to provide is a PVC,
ideally (& perhaps required, I don't remember) CBR.  My understanding of the
original request was for T1 through an ATM cloud, so this seems to fit.  On
the other hand, I've never touched telco frame service so I could be off base

> I'm curious, what is the encapsulation of the T1 circuit between the LS
> and the CPE?

Each T1 circuit emulation card has 4 RJ-45 jacks pinned as RJ-48c for a plain
old 4-wire T1.  They do the usual T1 framing (ESF...) & encoding (B8ZS...).
Is that what you were asking?

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