[c-nsp] RE: T1 circuits over OC3

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Fri Oct 1 08:44:12 EDT 2004

Hi Jay and Andy, thanks for your input.

I was leaning towards this type of solution:

LEC OC3 --> LS1010 --> 7206
(exists)    (insert)  (exists)

Of course, what I do with the T1s is still a mystery. Pull 'em out of the
1010, pick up some T1 ports for the 7200, and loop 'em around?  Seems ugly.
Somehow re-encapsulating the packets, if possible, would be the preferable
solution. I have no problems inserting a 1010 or similar kit if it will do
the trick.

94569.shtml  would seem to apply.

Jay, I'll be contacting you directly to see what you had in mind for the



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On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, RH List Account wrote:
> I have an ATM-OC3 circuit into my local telco, and they are able to
> Frame and SMDS (remember that?) clients with no problems.  However,
> T1 or frac-T1 connections are a no-go.  I have a few clients who want to
> off the frame cloud and onto direct T1s.  The telco has no clue on how to
> deliver it so that I can see it, or what config I should be using.

This might not be what you were after, but there is a hardware solution to
this.  It involves T1 circuit emulation cards (WAI-T1C-4RJ48) for a
LightStream 1010 ATM switch at the edges, which allow the T1s to be carried
in CBR PVCs through the ATM cloud.  I have 3 of those cards, which I bought
tested a few years ago but never deployed.  I also have several 1010 chassis
& OC-3 cards which I no longer need & could probably be persuaded to part
with.  Let me know if you're interested.  If this isn't applicable to your
situation, then never mind.

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