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Yup, Jay, you understand my issue perfectly.  

But the thing I still don't get is, do you, and if so how do you break out
the T1 clients?  

Client T1 --> LEC --> ATM-OC3 --> LS1010 --> OC3 --> Router
						|	  (local)     |
						|			  |
						\-------- T1 -------/


Client T1 --> LEC --> ATM-OC3 --> LS1010 --> 1.5Mbps PVC in OC3 --> Router

Obviously the latter would preferable, no matter how cheap the T1 cards are.


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On Fri, 1 Oct 2004, Andy Dills wrote:
> I don't think they wanted to use an ATM T1, as nobody wants the cell loss
> on low speed links like that. And few people have that type of CPE
> equipment laying around.

I'm not talking about ATM on T1.  I'm talking about T1 on ATM.  The CPE
interface is plain old T1 at both ends.

> See, I thought the requirement was for terminating a traditional leased
> line, for instance using HDLC or PPP, but just accepting the T1 over the
> ATM.  Similar to a channelized DS3.

Yeah, I wasn't figuring delivering the T1 at the edges via ATM, just over
in the cloud.

> That's L1, I'm talking L2.

The upper layers are whatever you want.  It looks like a real T1 to the gear
at the edges.

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