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Nope, we want to aggregate multiple T1 & frac-T customers into _our_ OC3. 

I'm making headway (methinks),

Assuming clients appear as CES PVCs.
PVCs come into OC3 port of ATM-CES module,
Go out the T1 ports of same, 
	into CSU/DSUs, 
	into PA-MC-4T1


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Actually it will be...

Client Router <WIC-1T1-DSU>  ---<ESF/B8ZS/HDLC> T1 --->   LS 1010 --- 
<ATM CBR PVC T1 CE> ---- OC-3 ---->  Router <ATM PVC SUB-INTERFACE>
[------------- Traditional HDLC  T1 
--------------------------------------]   [------------------- ATM PVC 

The Customer end of the T1 plugs into the LS which terminates a normal 
data T1 (ESF/B8ZS,  HDLC) and passes the traffic over an ATM PVC to the 
Router.  The router would be configured with a sub-interface for each 
T1 to terminate the PVC and provide layer 2 traffic.

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