[c-nsp] new Cisco routers 1800/2800/3800

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The Cisco person at Networkers who told me about the G2 coming out
sometime after December also confirmed the 2nd CPU on the G1.  There are
plans to use it in a future release.  Not holding my breath though... 

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On 30/09/2004 16:30, Gert Doering wrote:

>If rumors are true, the NPE-G1 has a second CPU on the board that's
>not yet used.  What I'd really like to see is a software upgrade
>that CPU, and bumping up the processing performance quite some...
>It might not be overly helpful for "raw packet forwarding", but things
>like L2TP termination might benefit from a second CPU sharing the

It's not just a rumour, it's "official":
(Figure 3)

Notably this is a page on the uBR7200 and the same diagram doesn't 
appear on the 7200 page, so your suspicions about it being for things 
like L2TP termination are probably correct.

Cisco don't have any experience - that I know of - in SMP kernels, so at

least with the current IOS I think a true load-sharing arrangement is 
unlikely. What they do have a vast amount of expertise in is distributed

processing, which again ties in with offloading things like L2TP tunnels

to a seperate processor...

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